stretching those little grey cells

It starts...

It starts…

Learning should be a life-long experience.
As a child, one plays, all the while learning about spacial relationships, small and large muscle development, eye-hand coordination and language. As the child matures, learning becomes structured, in schools and colleges. But they are simultaneously learning about social behavior, morals, and thinking, from teachers, classmates and family. And there is always on-the-job training for any career.
People tend to think the learning is over then. And that’s a shame. Your brain should feel refreshed in learning something new the way your muscles feel better after a mild workout. After college, the learning doesn’t need to be so focused and productive – it can be learning for its own sake.
Learn a new style of cuisine. Find out what’s so good about chocolate. Open Wikipedia and read the featured article all the way through. If a friend has a different hobby, ask how to do it. Children with parents who are always curious enjoy learning even in school. Learn public speaking, or how to throw a rally. If something strikes your fancy, look into it. You don’t have to research enough to write a thesis, just enough to satisfy your curiosity.Look into it.

  Look into it.


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